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Turn clutter into cash!
If you have toys, games, or kid’s clothing cluttering up your house and garage, take this opportunity to clean your closets and turn clutter into cash! No need to have a yard sale on your own. We provide exposure to hundreds of shoppers, while keeping your merchandise in a safe and dry environment.

Register to become a consignor, enter your inventory into a user-friendly website, tag your items, drop them off at our sale location the day before the sale begins, and wait for your check in the mail!
As a consignor, you set the price of your items, you determine whether to offer the 30% Saturday discount, and you decide whether to donate any unsold items or pick them up after the sale.

Consignors earn 70% of the sold price. A small consignor fee of $5 is deducted from your consignment check. Consignors receive a final sales report, which details sales transactions and donated items (if any) for tax purposes.

If you have previously sold items with Hilltop UMW Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sale, Welcome back! 
Click on this link to register for this sale: (Your consignor number is your seller number from the last sale and your password is the last four digits of your phone number. If we do not have your phone number, the system inserts “unknown” in the phone number field. If the last four digits of your phone number do not work, try “nown” which is the last four digits of “unknown”.) 

If you are selling for the first timeclick HERE to register
When you gain access, confirm your contact information.  Confirm your mailing address (where to mail your payment) and phone number. Before inputting inventory, please review the consignment agreement form.  You must check that you understand and will comply with the Consignment Agreement.  

What to Sell and How to Prepare your items:SEASONAL – We hold two sales per year:
Fall and Spring. Due to limited space, we only accept items that may be used within the near future. 
Below is list to assist you with planning.

Short-sleeve topsLong sleeve tops
Light weight jacketsSki bibs / snow gear
Light weight sweatersHalloween Costumes
Rain Coats/BootsHoliday Dresses/Velvet clothing
Jeans, (No corduroy)Light weight Spring & Fleece Jackets. 

Items Not Accepted

VHS Tapes
Drop-down cribs
stuffed animals/plush dolls
Infant car seats, booster seats and car seat bases

CLOTHING – We are accepting Spring/Summer for the Spring Sale and Fall/ Winter for the Fall Sale. Clothing for babies and children that are in good condition. Bring BOYS or GIRLS clothing from preemie through size 16. Women’s sizes are not accepted. 

We also accept maternity and nursing clothes in season. 
Before you begin tagging your merchandise, look over your clothing items with the eye of a discerning shopper. Shoppers look for clean, fresh smelling clothing, no stains, tears and all buttons, snaps and zippers in working order. At drop-off, your clothing and other items will undergo close inspection. 
Sew loose hems, loose buttons, and loose pockets. Make sure zippers and snaps work. Spending a little extra time getting your items ready means more money in your pocket!
We reserve the right to reject any items that are faulty, broken, dirty or are the wrong season at check-in. These items will be returned to the owner, not donated.

Please hang clothing on appropriately sized hangers with the hook facing left like a question mark (?) and the tag pinned on the right hand side of the item of clothing. Please see the illustration for the best places to attach your tags. Use safety pins only to attach clothing and tags. Straight pins hurt volunteers and shoppers.  Ouch!

We recommend using child sized hangers for children’s clothes size up to 4T and adult hangers for clothing size 5T and up. Stock up on hangers before you sit down to tag items! If you are using wire hangers, you can get all sizes on those with a little wire bending; they even make child sized wire hangers. Hangers are the responsibility of the consignor, but we have found that retail stores or dry cleaners will often donate them when asked. 

Sets sell better, and Moms like the idea of having a ready-matched outfit. Ensure sets don’t become separated by securely attaching the hangers together with rubber-bands. Another option is to hang the bottoms to the top of a hanger with safety pins, then drape the top over the same hanger. The price tag will be attached to the most visible item and should include the price for the entire set. It should also include how many items are in the set. We recommend adding a small sticker (round stickers can be found at big box stores or office supply stores) to each piece in the set with your consignor number and the item number in case multi-piece items become separated.

Multi-piece items are held together with a rubber band. Both pieces are marked with labels but only one has a barcode.
Onesies may 1) be hung on hangers (pin several together, use a hanger made for multiples, or rubber band several hangers together) or 2) be bundled in a plastic baggie.

If you use a bag (Ziploc) for smaller items such as socks, bibs, hair accessories, etc., tape the tag with clear tape to the INSIDE of the bag as the scanner is able to scan through it. This also helps the tags from getting torn off.  Also, it is helpful to tape the top of the Ziploc bag closed so that items do not become separated. 
Please group clothes by size and gender before you come to Hilltop at your allocated check-in time. This will ensure check-in is as quick as possible, and it also helps our volunteers to arrange the floor faster.

SHOES – We sell shoes size 0 – to women’s 7 or men’s 9. All shoes must be in good condition. Use a large rubber band to hold shoes together, or tie shoes together by the laces or with ribbon, zip ties, or loop hooks. Again, please be sure the bar code on the tag is visible and easily scanned. 
Baby shoes, booties, slippers, or other small shoes can be placed in Ziploc bags with the tag taped or pinned to the inside. Grouping several pairs of baby shoes or booties together in a bag also sells well.  We recommend taping the top of the Ziploc bag shut so that items do not become separated.

SPORTING EQUIPMENT – A popular selling class is sporting goods i.e. skis, snowboards, soccer gear, skates, etc. Bicycles must function with fully inflated tires and clean, working parts.

BEDDING – Bedding sets with multiple pieces should be packaged together in original bag if possible, or in a giant clear bag, so shoppers can see the contents. The tag should be taped to the inside of the bag. Attach a picture of the set showing all the pieces and tape it to the inside of the bag too. When a bag is not available, the tag should be safety pinned to the item where it is most visible.

TOYS – Toys must be in working order and clean. Include batteries as needed so shoppers can verify that it works. Accessories should be placed in a clear Ziploc bag and taped/tied to the biggest piece. Games and puzzle boxes should be tied, taped, or rubber banded and in their original package.  We recommend taping the top of Ziploc bags shut so that items do not become separated.

Please do not try to sell toys with missing parts or that do not work. Customers are allowed to return items which do not work (by Saturday evening, day of sale). We want to avoid our customers taking home a new toy only to find it doesn’t work or is missing a piece.

Use this link to begin entering your inventory:

Note: Use the above link each time, to go to your inventory. The system does not permit you to bookmark your inventory directly. You may use the link we have created on the top of this page.
It’s now time to enter your items into the system! Here are a few hints to make this process easier:

  • Before entering anything, sort your clothing items by size and sex. This will allow for quicker input. We also ask that you bring your items sorted to your check-in appointment.
  • You do not need to enter all your items at once. You may save and exit the program and return later to enter more items.
  • Price your items to sell! There is a $1 minimum. Items may be bundled to reach this minimum (ex. Several books may be sold together to reach the $1 minimum). Prices may be raised in increments of $0.50 (ex. $1.50, $2.00, $2.50…)
  • If you want your items back be sure to print tags on light yellow paper
  • Check the donate box if you would like your unsold items to be donated to charity. You may choose this for some of your items or all of your items.  
  • Check the discount box if you would like your items to be discounted by 30% on Saturday. You may choose this for some or all of your items. 
  • Multi-piece items should include only one tag (we will not have A/B tags anymore). In the Description Line 2, please include how many items make up the set. For example, for a set including a shirt and a pair of pants, on Description Line 2 enter, “2 piece set”.
  • Because multi-piece items risk getting separated, it is helpful to mark each piece of a set with tape or sticker with your consignor number.
  • Another effective method of marking multi-piece items is to print the tag twice but cut off the barcode from the duplicate copies. Marking duplicate copies with “2 of 2”, “2 of 3” and so on. This way your consignor number and description help to find the lost mate if separated. See photo in of the Cars Set to the Left.
  •  Label the multi-piece set as such: 2 piece set- red Cars shirt with black shorts.
  •  Although no specific method is required, consignors should consider what would happen if an item gets separated from the set.  Tags and good descriptions help us find proper mates.

All inventories must be completed the Tuesday night before the sale. After midnight, the system will automatically close and no edits or additions may be made to your inventory.  No exceptions may be made to this deadline.  This allows for at least 36 hours before check-in day. Please be sure to read the instructions on the screen when you enter your items!

Complete the following fields on the screen:

  • Category: The drop-down menu includes accessories, clothes, toys, etc.
  • Size: Choose the correct size for your item. If it is not clothing and does not have a size, leave it blank.
  • Description Line 1 and 2: Enter a description of your item. The more specific, the better as this allows us to search for the item if the tag is separated from the item during the sale.
  • Price: Enter the price of the item. Minimum is $1.00 and increase by $0.50 increments. You many want to check out prices on KSL or Kid to Kid.
  • QTY: If you have more than one identical item, enter the number of items. This will keep you from repeating the tag information multiple times for identical items.
  • Check to discount: Click on this box to have the item discounted by 30% on Saturday.
  • Check to donate: Click on this box to have the item donated to charity if it is not sold during the sale.

    Click here to download our Pricing Guidlines

Submit now: Click on the submit button when you have completed the form.

Printing Tags

After logging into the consignor homepage, click on “Work with Consigned Inventory”. From that menu, click on “Print All Tags”. This will allow you to print tags for your entire inventory. It will print six tags per page. You will then need to cut the tags out and attach them to your items. Please see the What to Sell & How to Prepare Your Items for more information on how your items should be prepared for the sale.
You will need to make sure your browser allows pop-ups for this site!
 The size of a printed tag is about 3in x 2in, again 6 tags per page.  If your tags are either much smaller or bigger than this, please email [email protected] for assistance. 

If you want your items back be sure to print on light yellow paper

Click here to print out the Seller Checklist
Register for Check-In Appointment 
Once you register to sell, you will need to pick a time for you to bring your merchandise to check-in on Thursday prior to the sale. This is completed on first-come, first-served method. If you have to both check-in your inventory and work a volunteer shift on Thursday, please make sure your appointment does not overlap with your work shift. 
Click HERE to select your check-in appointment.

Appointments will last approximately 15 minutes (or longer depending number of items being checked in), and you must remain with your items while they are checked-in. For consignors with 300 or more items, we ask that you schedule a check in appointment for earlier in the day. This allows volunteers to get your merchandise to the floor before the pre-sale rush.


  1. Your clothing items sorted by size and sex. This allows for easier inspection and placement in the correct area of the church for the sale.
  2. A box(es) with your consignor number on it for returned unsold items. This is the box you will pick up Saturday afternoon with any unsold items. If you are donating all your unsold items, a box is not needed.

When you bring your merchandise to check-in, you will be directed by a volunteer to place it at a table and clothes on a rounder for inspection.  Any rejected items i.e. unseasonal or stained, will be returned to you.  If items are not properly hung or packaged, we do not have space or time to allow extensive corrections to be made on site. 
When your inventory has passed inspection, you MUST check out at the front desk, so your inventory can be activated in the system. Failure to activate your inventory will mean no sales! You will also be asked to address an envelope, in which we will mail your payment.

Click here to see Policy information and NO Show Policy

After the Sale:
You will find your pick-up time by looking at one of your tags. On the tag there is a code on the bottom right next to the barcode: A, B, C etc. 
Please note your code: this will determine your time to pick-up your unsold items. (You will have one code for all your items)
Pick-Up Times 
Group A or B – 4:30 – 5:00pm
Group C or D – 5:00 – 5:30pm
Group E or F – 5:30 – 6:00pm
Group G or H – 6:00 – 6:30pm

Please note, the “D” for discount is found on the left hand corner of the tag. Groups are indicated on the right hand corner.
The consignor is responsible for picking up any and all items marked for return. All items remaining at Hilltop UMC after 6:30 PM on Saturday will be donated regardless of tag notation.