Can I return items that do not fit?
Only items that are damaged or broken can be returned. They must be returned to the church during the sale (must be done by Sat at 2:00).

Are credit cards accepted?
As of 2019, credit cards are accepted with a 1.5% transaction fee.

If I’m a consignor, do I have to be there for the entire sale?
Please refer to "Becoming a Consignor" for expectations of a consignor. Essentially, consignors must itemize their inventory and schedule a drop-off time for the Thursday before the sale. After that, let the volunteers take over and sell your merchandise. If a consignor requests any unsold items be returned to the consignor and not donated, the consignor must pick up their unsold merchandise at their designated time on Saturday evening after the sale.

How much do consignors earn?
Consignors earn 70% of the sold price of the item.

How much does it cost to consign?
A $5 consignor fee is applied to each sale. The fee is withheld from the final payment to the consignor.

How do I pay the consignment fee?
The $5 consignment fee is deducted from the total earnings of the consignor.

Who sets the price on merchandise?
The consignor sets the price of the items. The only restrictions are a $1 minimum price and $0.50 increments. We are proud of our high quality items for great prices. Be competitive with your pricing! Over the years, many consignors have been disappointed to have many of their items unsold because they priced too high. A good rule of thumb is 10 – 25% of the retail price. Having your merchandise in pristine condition will increase its chance of being snatched up by a happy shopper.
Click here to download our Pricing Guidlines

As a consignor, do I have to offer the Saturday discount?
In past sales, only clothing items were discounted on Saturday. Now, any items are eligible for the Saturday 30% discount. It is entirely up to the consignor to decide. Shoppers find this additional discount an attractive feature. So don’t miss out on the opportunity of a potential sale.
If, as a consignor, you plan to donate the unsold item, we recommend you discount it.

What happens to the items that do not sell?

When the consignor enters items into their inventory list and print the tags, Print on light Yellow paper to have the items returned to you and NOT Donate. Or if you want unsold items to be donated print on white paper. Consignors are expected to pick up their unsold items according to their group assignment (found on their tags.) Any items not picked up by 7pm Saturday night of sale, will be donated, regardless.
Hilltop UMW works with numerous charitable organizations in the Salt Lake Valley who are eager to pick up and distribute unsold items to those in need.

What if I have items to donate and don’t wish to be a consignor?
If sorting and pricing your merchandise does not sound exciting and fun to you, and you’d rather simply donate your quality items, we (UMW) would be happy to accept them. Please contact us at [email protected] If you cannot drop your items off at Hilltop Church, we can make arrangements to have them picked up.

What if I don’t have easy access to a computer?
Computers are available at the library so most people are able to register and enter inventory online. If you need for us to print the tags for you, we will need 2 weeks advanced notice and a $5 fee to cover paper and printing costs. Please contact us at [email protected] with a number for us to reach you.

Is childcare available?

Childcare is available for volunteers working during Thursday and Friday. For liability reasons, we have limited space available. If you need childcare, please contact Dana at [email protected].

How do I keep track of what items sold?
At any time during the sale, you may log into your MySaleManager.net account to see what has been sold. You will see an "estimated" amount. A final sales report is available after the sale has closed and returns have been processed.

How long before I get paid?
Payment will be issued within one week of the sale. The check is mailed to you or for church members, placed in your church folder.

What if I can’t get the volunteer time slot I want?
If you are looking for a specific volunteer slot, the sooner you sign up the more likely you are to get the shift you would like. Alternatively, please contact us at [email protected]

How do I get my pre-sale ticket?
If you are a consignor and have signed up for a volunteer shift, you will receive your presale ticket at your check-in appointment. For those volunteers who are not selling, you will receive your pre-sale ticket at the door, Thursday night.

Can I recruit a friend to work a shift and we share the $10 gift certificate?
Sorry, no sharing! The multiple-shift gift certificate applies to one volunteer who works more than one 3-hour shift. Please see our Policies page for more details.


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