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Policies and Procedures

Because we have very limited space,
we must limit consignor positions. Sometimes, eager consignors ready to sell, are sadly turned away simply because of no space. Imagine the frustration when a handful of lucky consignors who have coveted seller spots, never bother to create inventory or show up at check-in. For this reason, we must implement a

We understand situations may arise to prevent you from making the sale. If this is the case, we expect you to at least contact us to let us know you will not make it. If we do not hear from you, you will be prohibited from participating as a consignor for the following sale.

Estimated and Final Sales Report
An estimated report of your items sold is available throughout the sale weekend by logging into the website:
Click Here to Login
At a minimum, updated sales data will be posted by the end of each sale night. During the sale, all figures are considered estimates.

Your final sales report will be available Sunday after the sale by logging into the website:
Click here to Login

Checks will be issued within one week of the end of the sale. Checks will be mailed to the address shown on your account. Please make sure your records are up to date. Church members will have their checks put in their church folders.

if not cashed within this time they will be void. Pick Up of Unsold Items and Return Policy
Any unsold items that are to be returned to you, must be picked up on Saturday, last day of sale.
You will find your pick-up time by looking at one of your tags. On the tag there is a code on the bottom right next to the barcode: A, B, C etc.
Please note your code: this will determine your time to pick-up your unsold items. (You will have one code for all your items)

Pick-Up Times
Group B or C – 5:00 – 5:30pm
Group D or E – 5:30 – 6:00pm
Group F or G – 6:00 – 6:30pm
Group H +         6:30 – 7:00pm

Please note, the "D" for discount is found on the left hand corner of the tag. Groups are indicated on the right hand corner.

The consignor is responsible for picking up any and all items marked for return. All items remaining at Hilltop UMC after 7:00 PM on Saturday will be donated regardless of tag notation.

Return Policy

, we are unable to take clothing items back because they don’t fit. Merchandise which is returned during the sale due to a defect (i.e. stain, tear, missing button, broken zipper, broken electronics) will be returned to the consignor. The refund will be granted to the buyer and a note will be made to the consignor’s account. .

Volunteer Policies

The success of the sale depends solely on the efforts of volunteers. Volunteer work is sorted into 3 hours shifts. When registering to take a shift, volunteers agree to be present and working for the entire 3-hour shift. *No Shopping During Work Shifts.
In appreciation for each 3-hour shift, volunteers are given one (1) ticket to the Thursday night Pre-Sale, granting first access to merchandise before it opens to the public. For each additional 3 hour shift, a volunteer is given a to be used for merchandise during the current sale.
Each volunteer must register under their own name and own email address, including family members, partners, teens, etc.
In order to receive a one person MUST work multiple shifts. If a volunteer does not fulfill their shift, they will be BLOCKED from the next sale.

Child Care
Children can only be booked into the consignment sale child care for a maximum of 3 hours (one work shift) per day – This is to be fair to both staff and the children.